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23 07 2015

Albany, New York

Me, May 26:

I happen to think the left’s real silent goal with higher urban-specific minimum wages is to drive NAMs out of cities, because NAMs tend to low wage jobs whose wages are less than the proposed or implemented urban minimum wages.

A better way of saying that is that if the urban minimum wage is higher than the wage equilibrium for fast feeders, then the fast feeders can’t operate in the urban area.  If the fast feeders aren’t there, the NAMs that work there and the NAMs that eat there suddenly don’t think the urban area is such a dope place to beez, fo’ real, mo shizzle.  So they leave the cities, using their Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Section 8 voucher, plant themselves in a suburban apartment complex close to their 365BellCurve salt licks.  They’re lovin’ it.

With that having been said, we have this blogmeister vindicating news out of New York State today.

Notice it applies only to the fast food industry, and will apply to New York City (think:  gentrification, hipsters, SWPLs) three years before it applies to the rest of the state.

It’s the next best thing to Andrew Cuomo actually using the NYS National Guard to round up ghetto blacks from New York City and physically dumping them somewhere else.




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23 07 2015
Alex the Goon

This is going to cause massive wage discontent in non-fastfood workers. Just imagine doing any menial or semi-skilled or hard-labor job, for half of what a burger-flipper makes. Or doing the same job (mopping a floor) at a non-fastfood joint. It’s also going to result in lots of sexual harassment charges. Some years ago, a ghetto L.A. McDonalds was sued after an Asst Mgr demanded (and received) a BJ in exchange for hiring a 17 yr old girl. Given the location, she was probably black, and probably very experienced and willing to do it, and done it many times before for no tangible reward; but it blew my mind (unintentional pun) that anyone would suck dick for the chance to make minimum wage at McDonalds.

24 07 2015

Related news

D.C., which just so happens to be yet another city straight in the crosshairs of white gentrification. There are advantages to living very close to a $4 trillion institution.

24 07 2015

I never quite got the theory on the right (and on the black left) that young white lefty Millennials choose to move into the core of majority-minority cities…and then want nothing more than to drive out minorities.

Why don’t we just stay in the suburbs then? If I didn’t want to live anywhere near black people, I would high-tail it out to the far West End and hardly ever have to interact with them again. Walkability, you say? They built an entire faux-urban ‘downtown’ out there, but the median age of said ‘downtown’ ended up somewhere between Over the Hill and Social Security.

24 07 2015

In some cities, it’s to be close to job centers without a soul sucking commute. In other cities, it’s appreciation of historically significant architecture. That’s why they want to live in urban cores.

And since they want to live there, and be safe living there, it’s bye bye Jamal, but it has to be done in an apparently non-racist way.

11 08 2015
They Don’t Seem to Be In Much Danger | Countenance Blog

[…] fast enough, none of the things listed here are at all inconsistent with urban gentrification.  Like I have written here, high minimum wages are essentially negro removal, environmental regulations are how unattractive […]

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