Governance By Memo

27 07 2015

Washington, D.C.

Before we fly off the handle.

I think I have a better explanation for what’s going on here.  As we all try to solve the very vexing and common problem of 90 year old Social Security recipients who are so out of it that they need representative payees for their checks yet somehow have the ability to on shooting rampages.

In January 2013, President Obama issued 23 “executive orders” on firearms policy that turned out to be mostly suggestions.  I think that some important bureaucrat in the Social Security Administration must have read one or more of the executive suggestions, and took all this time to figure out what his or her agency could hypothetically do in response.  And one of those things was considering all SSA representative payee beneficiaries to be mentally incompetent.

It’s quite a long way between that and actual enforcement.



One response

5 10 2015
The Pen With Disappearing Ink and the Phone With No Bars | Countenance Blog

[…] All it will be is just a laundry list of suggestions, which some Federal agency’s bureaucrat will respond to in a hypothetical way, but he or she will break the internet in doing so. […]

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