Not Too Loudly

2 08 2015


Weekly Standard reviews a book popping the leftist bubble about Scandinavia.

Money paragraph:

Instead, Sanandaji shows, the root of Scandinavian success can largely be found in culture. These countries, and Sweden in particular, have historically had remarkably high levels of social trust, family values, a strong sense of work ethic, and social cohesion. The notion of the “Protestant work ethic” goes back far longer than the modern welfare state. Scholars like Max Weber, Sanandaji shows, long ago noted that the Protestant countries of northern Europe had an overall higher living standard and economic success than most. The often-celebrated equality of Scandinavian countries, too, began well before the welfare state was developed.

Strange that, because WS is a #cuckservative slick, pretty much through and through.


I take a slightly different view.  The typical American liberal thinks that the big Swedish welfare state is the independent variable and Scandinavian success is the dependent variable.  This writer in WS thinks that the welfare state is a take-or-leave proposition.  My view is that the independent variable is Scandinavian-Nordic racial-ethnic-cultural evolution and relative isolation in a very cold climate, the dependent variables are Scandinavian success and the big Scandi-Nordic welfare states.  Plain words, I don’t think the welfare state is purely incidental, but unlike libs, I think Scandinavian success caused the welfare state, not the other way around.



6 responses

2 08 2015

The success of Scandinavia is relatively recent. Before the mid 20th Century Scandinavia was a Third World backwater. There’s a reason we have a Scandinavian diaspora in the USA.

2 08 2015
Hard Right

Before the mid 20th Century Scandinavia was a Third World backwater.

That would be news to Gustavus Adolphus.

2 08 2015

I’m talking about living standards.

2 08 2015
Hard Right

I suggest that you quit while you’re ahead, son.

2 08 2015

On par with Ireland, which was a backwater in 1900.

2 08 2015
Alex the Goon

Everywhere was a backwater in 1900. Those with paved roads had only horses driving on them, shitting all over the place.

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