Snack Pack Throwers of America (Econ 101)

3 09 2015

La Plata, Maryland

Snack pack thrower

Snack pack thrower

I fear blacks in a microeconomic sense, but I don’t fear them in a macroeconomic sense.

In order for that to make sense, have a look at this.

What I mean by that, relating it to the recent #BlackLiesMatter and other recent anti-white race hysteriae and race porn among blacks, and then relating it back to this story, I don’t think Sambeaux here had the ability to kill all of the some 5,800 white people in La Plata, Maryland.  I do think that if left unchecked, he, all hyped up on race agitprop, could have very easily murdered one, or two, or three, or four, or several, white people in town.

We pretty much know that several murders of cops in recent months have been a direct result of that agitprop.

I take Sambeaux’s threat seriously in an individual (microeconomic) sense.  I don’t take his threat or the threats of the many black Twitter bigmouths and loudmouths and internet liquor courage types like him seriously in the collective (macroeconomic) sense.  Tommy Sotomayor sometimes tells the story of when he was in grade school, he noticed the “special” kids were never punished for throwing their lunch snack packs around and against the wall, while normal kids would have been punished for the same thing.  The reason for the double standard is because retards don’t know what they’re doing in that stead and don’t have the capability to know any better, at least not in the context of an elementary school setting and the elementary school years.  Normal kids know better, or should, and should be held to a different standard in earnest.

In the macroeconomic sense, I interpret blacks who make these genocidal threats toward us as snack pack throwers.




5 responses

3 09 2015
Hard Right

That groid doesn’t look smart enough to tie his own shoe.

3 09 2015
Martin X

The really dumb ones don’t know enough to hide their homicidal intentions. But plenty of them are smart enough to keep their mouths shut while looking for opportunities to dish out a little justice n peace.

5 09 2015

And how has that changed your behavior, if it all? I can tell you I usually go to 2-3 baseball games a year. I have access to my firm’s very good seats. But this year, despite how well the team has played, I haven’t done so. The last non-playoff game I went to last year was a rain delay deal and I left by myself and was very uncomfortable for the first time with some of the local indigenous population hanging out around the stadium. I’m getting old I guess.

6 09 2015

I’ve gone to one game this year, and I can usually make just one or two.

25 09 2015
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