That Pig Doesn’t Squeal Anymore

25 09 2015

San Antonio

We finally have faces to fill in the blanks with this story, about which my WRPT didn’t work so well.

First off, I think it’s obvious to most people, even to ones that don’t want to put on like they know it, that the ref never used a racial slur.  This is the excuse that blacks use to cover their asses when they get in a little bit of trouble.  Notice that the assistant coach was like:  “The ref used the n-word, how horrible, how evil, and oh, by the way, he also made a lot of bad calls.”  That’s all we needed to know.  Coach weaponized two of his players against a ref for bad calls.

Now, as for the players.

Gentlemen, “we were only following orders” stopped working after Nuremberg.  A part of history which I presume you know a lot about, because it’s one of the few things official history teaches anymore.  Besides, neither one of you are seven years old.



One response

25 09 2015
Alex the Goon

There is an obvious hazing problem on that football team. Look what they did to Juan Doe #2’s hair.

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