A Tale of Two Yard Signs

7 10 2015

South City

blm-sign wmskeo-sign

Late this afternoon, I had personal business to attend to in South County, and the way things worked out, I had to drive through parts of South City to get from Point A to Point B to Point C to Point D.

I noticed that, through some of the “state” named streets and neighborhoods through Dutchtown, or formerly Dutch Dutchtown, that on some of the blocks, two-thirds of the yards have the “We Must Stop Killing Each Other” yard signs out on display.  I’ve been saying that, if you didn’t have anything else to go on, if you’re considering buying a house on a block where even one of these signs can be seen, there’s your clue not to.  Dutchtown must really be getting bad, even worse than they let on.

By contrast, when I passed through nicer/whiter areas, I saw no WMSKEO signs, but a fair number of “Black Lives Matter” yard signs.

Then it hit me:  Where are all the BLM signs in the black areas?  All I saw there were lots and lots of WMSKEO, but no BLM.  In the white areas, I saw some BLM, but no WMSKEO.  And there were zero instances of both signs being on the same lawn, and in fact, I didn’t see as much as a whole block where both could be found.

Now I think I know what’s going on.  The BLM signs are for white liberals flaunting their white liberalism, playing a game of urban social status signaling.  I’m holier than thou, more anti-white and anti-racist than thou.  (Apropos analogy, because I even saw a BLM sign in front of a UCC church in my driving around.)  In contrast, blacks, other than black women lesbians and transgender former men transitioning to women, could care less about BLM and are more concerned about the violent crime around them.

For the record, the WMSKEO signs, because they include the visage of the monument that turns 50 years old at the end of this month, are St. Louis-exclusive signs, printed and distributed by Better Family Life.  Meanwhile, the BLM signs are all over the country.



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8 10 2015

I’m not in Missouri, but the most egregious sign I’ve seen here in Tulsa, in a nice little block of restored 1920’s era homes, was “White Silence = Violence”. I think it was a sign done by BLM for their White sympathizers to display. The block I saw it in was 100% White, and was the only yard sign for blocks around. The resident was doing some heavy social signaling to a probably unimpressed audience of neighbors. I felt a brief temptation to yank it out of the ground, but as a respecter of private property, I overcame the urge.

21 10 2015
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4 12 2015

I have just one question about the Bernie guy. Is Sanders self-funding his campaign like Trump, or he accepted a bribe?

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