Article 1, Section 2, Clause 5

26 10 2015

Washington, D.C.

It starts with this phrase:

“The House of Representatives shall choose their speaker, the member from among them who is best able to raise money…”

Oh wait, it doesn’t?

Until now, and contra the conventional wisdom, I never bought that Boehner stepped down because of any conservative or TPM pressure, (prima facie evidence of that is that the same forces who are said forced him out are seemingly unable to resist the Paul Ryan juggernaut), the real reason is that he’s already 65 and wants to be able to run through the revolving door and cash in/cash out while he’s got some years left.  I now also think that he wants to play a lot more golf.  In about 15 months, Baraq Obama will be joining him.



One response

26 10 2015

A fairly long and involved piece about how Paul Ryan rolled the House Freedom Caucus:

The key upshot and the key takeaway is that Ryan rolled them because he really didn’t need to roll them, because when you boil everything down, they’re very close, that the HFC’s chief ideological concerns are libertarian and not nationalist. It just goes to prove that libertarianism is not nationalism, and that it’s not possible to get nationalism by riding on the back of libertarianism.

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