Census Shenanigans

30 10 2015

Washington, D.C.

This is big. Really big.

While Census doesn’t do the unemployment, we’ve always had the sneaking feeling that there has been some methodological funny business to help Obama.

What we do know here is that the American Community Survey is questionable, and as we can read, that helps determine how and where the Feds spend money on local governments.  The motive there is obvious:  The Obama White House wants to shovel more money to big cities.

More disturbingly than that, this calls the National Crime Victimization Survey into question.  That’s important, because the NCVS is how the DOJ compares the demographics of law enforcement arrests and accosts, and the crime that is actually happening on the ground per NCVS reports.  If there is a statistically significant disparity between LEA and NCVS, it means there must be some sort of law enforcement bias or some other problem.  Invariably, there never is.  But…if the Obama White House is fooling around with the NCVS, then it means they’re trying to goose it into showing a disparate result, because they’re looking to wage a jihad against cops.

There’s another thing to worry about.  While this didn’t mention or even allude to what I’m about to say, if Census is jiggering with ACS and NCVS, then I think it’s very possible that they’re also fooling around with the Voting Hot Report, their biannual report released the late spring or summer after either a Presidential election or a midterm election, to show the racial composition of who voted.  The May 2013 report is what deflated the ZOMG GREAT HISPANIC VOTER TIDAL WAVE LOL~!!!!!1 bubble, to show that Hispanics turnout wasn’t as high as first thought, and middle aged and elderly black women turnout was record-breaking, in 2012.  Likewise, after 2014, I was thinking that black and Hispanic turnout was down compared to the previous midterm cycle, 2010, because of how easily some of these supposedly razor-edge races went Republican; Steve Sailer thought that it was a result of enough white people lying to pre-election opinion pollsters about their real intention to vote Republican — As the VHR showed, Sailer was right, and I was wrong.  Too, what demonstrated the accuracy of the 2014 VHR is that the race based two-party exit polling data from CNN multiplied by the race demographics of 2014 voters per the VHR yields precisely the generic national percent of the vote for Republican Congressional candidates.

But, could it be possible that the Obama White House is forcing Census to mess around with the VHR methodology to fluff up the Hispanic percentage by a point or two or three?



One response

31 10 2015
Lamplighter75 (formerly SoCal Patriot)

If it’s true that the Census Bureau is attempting to doctor the Voting Hot Report at the behest of the Obama administration,it wouldn’t be surprising to find out that members of the GOPe were also quietly encouraging their efforts behind the scenes to further their own highly disingenuous narrative regarding the “ZOMG GREAT HISPANIC VOTER TIDAL WAVE LOL~!!!!!1”

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