Flying the Cucky Flag

4 11 2015



It should be no surprise that his hand picked running mate (and now, Lieutenant Governor-elect) is:

Remember, Bevin was the more conservative/TPM-ish challenger to Mitch McConnell two years ago.

Electoral politics are fad businesses that often suffer from correlation-causation issues.  The danger in Bevin winning yesterday, he was behind by as much as five in the last set of pre-election polling, but won by eight, is that the lesson that the political class will interpret is that cuckservatism wins elections.  Furthermore, the TPM will probably start thinking that cuckservatism is the perfect way to try to mend fences with the Republican establishment, or at least assuage its hostility.





5 responses

4 11 2015
David In TN

The Conservative Treehouse is ecstatic over Bevin winning. A poster called Bevin a cuck early on and Sundance removed it. Bevin supposedly identifies with Trump.

Bevin’s ads ran on Nashville TV and he pushed his “family” front and center.

4 11 2015

Funny how differently one picture can be interpreted. The cucks will feel their hearts warm at that top picture, whereas I took one look at it and concluded that this man is either suffering from a complex of mental health issues, or is the biggest damn hypocrite ever elected to public office. Neither possibility warms my heart.

4 11 2015

Bevin won for every reason but the fashion accessories. The Kim Davis matter happened at just about the perfect timing for him.

4 11 2015
David In TN

Yes, Bevin would have won if his family looked (horror of horrors according to the NY Times) like Mitt Romney’s.

The Blogmeister has said people who run for office think the country can’t do without them. They also have big egos and the type of person who would have these accessories would be inclined to both.

9 11 2015

Doesn’t Romney have a Black Baby™

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