If Only There Was Some Way to Deter the Murder of Prosecution Witnesses

17 11 2015


Actually, there is.  It’s called the death penalty.

This article is like many others written on this subject matter, including for the fact that Ctrl+F “black” or “African” yields zero results.  However, this jumped out at me for the object lesson:

Milwaukee’s criminal history is marked by disturbing attempts to beat the justice system through intimidation.

Street gang boss Jerry Walker’s daytime execution of Michael Ware in 1993 is a standout example of how a case can crumble.

Onlookers said Ware, 16, was on his knees, in a prayer posture, begging for his life when Walker, head of the powerful drug-dealing 2-7 gang, walked up and shot him in the head.

A woman and her 13-year-old daughter told police what happened.

Walker was charged, but the case was dropped when mother and daughter disappeared. They were threatened by Walker’s lieutenants. On the day of a key hearing, the mother and daughter were kidnapped and taken to a hotel, authorities later learned.

Walker, however, did not escape justice. Federal authorities prosecuted him under the drug kingpin law. Walker remains in prison.

Remember that when people like Baraq Obama and Rand Paul keep saying that every black in Federal prison for drug crimes is only there to do long bits for piddly little dope offenses like having a little bit of weed.  In the case of Jerry Walker, I bet he got the max sentence for his drug kingpin offenses because it was understood he beat a murder rap because he probably had the witnesses rubbed out.



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