Thinking Past the Sale

23 11 2015


“Thinking past the sale.”

While we’re hammerwocking over the possible veracity of the stats and the credibility of those who assembled them, the fundamental base message of black on white violent crime is being assumed and accepted by those who are otherwise nitpicking.




3 responses

23 11 2015
Hard Right

The stats are actually correct. They’re normalized for the black/white population differential. There are 6 times as many White people as Negroes.

Unamused used to do that a lot on his site.

23 11 2015
David In TN

That black on white crime “isn’t too bad” is a standard trope of the cucks, libertarians, etc.

These nimrods dismiss the danger of black crime as “anecdotes, scare stories,” and “likely as being struck by lightning” or “much more to worry about.”

23 11 2015

Funniest thing about it this morning was how Good Morning America didn’t even feel the need to rebut the number of blacks killed by blacks. It only focused on whites killed by blacks and vice versa. It was revealing because it showed that they *assumed* that was the point of the tweet and in so doing revealed their own bias. Cause if “black lives matter” than the last “stat” would and should have been front and center.

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