Heroism, Pending

20 12 2015



Once upon a time, I unreservedly would have though of him as a hero and what he did as heroic.

Now I’m less sanguine about it.  It all depends on how the three girls he saved from death behave later in life.  If they wind up being ghetto whores who do their part to perpetuate more black ghetto dysfunction, then his sacrifice will have been all for naught.

So much of the essence of heroism isn’t what the hero does, it’s how everyone else reacts.



4 responses

20 12 2015
David In TN

Knoxville Officialdom has for years denied there was gang activity in Knoxville despite considerable evidence (before this incident) to the contrary.

The Christian-Newsom Knoxville Horror torture-murders, effectively covered by our friend Nicholas Stix, was not a gang type killing as such.

21 12 2015
Alex the Goon

Police Chief Rausch (presumably White) choked back tears as he described Lil’ Zae-zae’s human shieldery. I somehow doubt he registered the same level of emotion for Channon and Christopher.

21 12 2015
David In TN

it was another police chief in 2007 who said over and over “race was no factor” in the Christian-Newsom torture-murders. So did the Knox County sheriff and District Attorney General.

18 01 2016
Heroism, Pending | Countenance Blog

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