Noise Pollution

5 01 2016

Jefferson City

I have arrived to a state capital scene where just about everyone all of a sudden is loudly demanding that Melissa Clickbait resign, as if it was discovered some time in the last 24 hours that she was molesting children.

Oh yeah, I have an opinion about it.

For one, why is Melissa Clickbait’s head the only one they want to roll?  I’ve been telling you for weeks that this was a massive campus wide mutiny on the part of many Mizzou professors manipulating racial causes at first and then mashing it up with the economics of one football game in order to run Tim Wolfe out of town; Melissa Clickbait was how the milieu of professors were able to agitate the football players, because she teaches a lot of their basket weaving courses.  And just from my few hours of being here and talking to people, I am not the only one who came to this conclusion.  So, why only Melissa Clickbait?

For another, what leverage do they think they have in order to make her or anyone else quit?  Are they going to use the power of the budget appropriations process?  The first hint that anything like that is being considered, Andy Blunt and his people, who are themselves already here in this den of snakes, will make sure it doesn’t actually happen.  Since that’s not a practical option, and there’s no other option, the General Assembly has no leverage.

Put it all together, and what do you have?  More talk talk talk talk talk.  Most Republican members of these two august legislative bodies have heard it in both ears from their constituents about how mad they are, but they can’t actually do anything about it, so all they can do is make noise and hopes that makes the rubes happy.

Even if Melissa Clickbait does quit, that doesn’t mean anything; it’s just a thrown bone, a sacrificial lamb.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Andy Blunt hasn’t already talked to Mike Middleton suggesting that he lean on Clickbait to leave, that entirely symbolic act will make everyone happy, the politicians will think that this makes the constituents happy, and gets the matter off the table.




4 responses

5 01 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Oh but they can do something. Outlaw goofball in colleges and universities. I guarantee an audit would show that these goofball retards are costing money and not making it. They have had to cut academic courses already, but goofball just keeps going. Wait til Whites find out how these niggers behave on campus. All the crime and rape is gonna come out if these stupid BLM Bums keep up this shit! Bye bye retards. Better apply to Nigger University at the State Penitentiary System.

5 01 2016

“They can do something”

Of course they can. But you have to remember who the “they” I’m dealing with are.

5 01 2016
Alex the Goon

“I guarantee an audit would show that these goofball retards are costing money and not making it.”
I don’t think anyone cares about money. They probably think they’re rescuing these animals from the asphalt jungle, and if there’s a price to pay for living that Sandra Bullock fantasy, then so be it. It’s someone else’s money and daughter anyway.
After the NY Giants coach retired this week, one of his simians glorified him for “challenging them to be better men, better husbands, better fathers”. Can you imagine any White player saying, or needing to say, those things? The hand-holding and diaper-changing never ends with these fucking creatures. Ever.

6 01 2016

I’m not looking to my boss to teach me how to be a better man. I am hoping I’m able to live down a slight faux pas at our New Years Eve party.

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