Well That’s Easy

12 01 2016


Fox 59 Indianapolis:

Indiana’s gun laws are again in the spotlight here and nationwide after some recent remarks by President Obama.

The president blamed Indiana’s gun laws for gun violence in Chicago during a town hall meeting Thursday. The comments echoed similar ones he made in October.

“Well, the problem is, is that about 30, 40 percent of those guns are coming from Indiana, across the border, where there are much laxer laws,” President Obama said.

Well then using that logic, all of Indiana should be a crime ridden hell hole, because that’s where the evil undocumented transactions are happening.

But, we already know that Indiana has magic dirt, and certain parts of Chicago have tragic dirt.

Or, maybe Trump’s great wall should go between Illinois and Indiana, not the United States and Mexico.  Or better yet, it should go around certain parts of Chicago, almost making those parts an open air prison.



2 responses

12 01 2016

Well, if I recall correctly there was (still is) a wall on a street that goes between Gary and Hammond. The wall is at the city line so technically the street no longer goes between Gary and Hammond. The residents of Gary, of course, claim the wall is racist. It’s magical, though, since it stops crime, somehow.

13 01 2016

Hammond, Indiana. Jean Shepherd’s home town. Enough to make one weep.

“The president blamed Indiana’s gun laws for gun violence in Chicago”

Why not just blame Indiana in general?

I mean, look at Indianapolis and its staggering rates of black homi–no, wait! I just figured it out!!

You know what the problem is?

Indiana’s NAME. It’s got INDIAN in it. Obviously the weight of racism is so bad it makes its eponymous city’s dirt tragic, and that kinda blows NW, contra prevailing lake winds.

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