Distant Cousins

18 01 2016


About these Swedes who are providing this training:

Their very distant cousin ancestors many times removed were on the American frontier selling guns to the Indians.



7 responses

18 01 2016

No worries…HuffPo says it’s harmless target shooting for the youts.

18 01 2016

what possible response can there be to this but “Sweden Yes!”?

18 01 2016
18 01 2016

Someone needs to fact-check this one….it reads too much like a parody…..or something to get right-thinking folks like us riled up.

18 01 2016
Hard Right

I’ve only seen it on WN-type sites which is why I didn’t report it.

It’s been on Alt Right Twitter for days.

18 01 2016
18 01 2016

Interesting. Thanks for the link, HR. Although not as bad as first glance would make it, it’s still an abominable idiocy. Biathlon!

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