The Art of the Immigration Deal

1 03 2016


So, supposedly, Trump told the NYT off the record that his campaign trail immigration rhetoric is a negotiation starting point.

Let’s assume that it’s true, he said it, and he means it.  We would still wind up with an immigration enforcement policy that is likely stronger than what Big Ricky would unilaterally do, and way stronger than what Pool Boy, HRC or Bern would do.



2 responses

1 03 2016

The thing I see, is that they aren’t interested in negotiations, they immediately denounced him as evil, and the only way out is through for him. Regardless of what his intentions were, they may well have forced him to become what they fear.

26 03 2016

Right, Trump’s going to negotiate DOWN from touch-back amnesty and increased legal immigration (the “big beautiful door” in the wall). And since Mexico won’t pay for the wall, he’ll negotiate down to not building it.

In the end, Trump will deliver border enforcement at the level of Obama’s first term. And the deportation of a few felons. That’s it. If his voters complain, he’ll just call them losers.

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