Glenn Beck’s God

4 03 2016


Beck said that God took Antonin Scalia so that people would vote for Ted CruzWe see how well that worked out.

But Glenn Beck’s God isn’t powerful enough to do anything about Trump, such that Beck is fantasizing about doing the deed himself?

Come on now!

If Trump accomplishes nothing else, forcing Glenn Beck to jump the shark multiple times so obviously that even the biggest idiot can see it will have been worth the price of admission.  I think he jumped the shark some time ago, but I’m well ahead of the curve.



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4 03 2016

Apparently though, Beck does nothing BUT shark-jump these days. It’s his best and only trick, and his problem is that people are getting weary of it/him.

4 03 2016

Not before he racked up a quarter billion in net worth.

4 03 2016
5 03 2016
Hard Right

1 05 2016
johnny white

Damm your stupid. Its ok though. I hate stupid people. Your welome

5 03 2016

Beck is just bat-shit crazy at this point. Maybe he should start drinking again. Or maybe he has.

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