Internet of Things

5 03 2016

Your Blogmeister’s Hotel Room

Season 2 Episode 9 of “The Garfield Show,” episode title “Night of Apparatuses.”

Netflix streaming has it.

The Internet of Things just might wind up turning out that badly.

The second short in this same episode, “Land of Hold,” is also a hoot.



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5 03 2016
Hard Right

Garfield the Cat?

5 03 2016

Yes. The Garfield Show is a Franco-American CGI series, still ongoing.

5 03 2016
The Gentle Grizzly

Thanks for the warning.

26 03 2016
Area Man

Haven’t seen that episode but I do like the cartoon. They missed the mark slightly on the new voice of Jon Arbuckle IMHO. He is too calm.

26 03 2016

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