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6 03 2016

The Ville


Teach for America aims to buck educational trend in St. Louis city

Right there on the front page of the Teach for America St. Louis website is an alarming statistic.

“Today, students at Sumner High School – the oldest historically black high school west of the Mississippi – are prepared to earn an average of 14 on the ACT.  Just 10 miles away in the wealthier district of Clayton, students are prepared to earn an average score of 26,” the website reads.

The organization is now taking aim at changing the educational gap that exists between opportunities in St. Louis County and St. Louis City.

“There is absolutely a gap,” Executive Director of Teach for America in St. Louis Brittany Packnett said. “When you look at the zip codes that our young people are born into they absolutely determine the quality of the education you receive.  That just shouldn’t be.  That’s not a free America.  That’s not an equitable St. Louis.”

“We’re committed to changing that.”

Clayton has magic dirt, and The Ville has tragic dirt.  The way to change that is to dig up all of Clayton’s dirt and send it to The Ville, and vice versa.

You better do that before anyone gets the idea to suggest that the reason for the gap is because Sumner’s service area comprises a lot of shiftless blacks, and Clayton is full of the sons and daughters of Washington University professors and a disproportionate percentage of the region’s physician specialists.  And you better do that before someone lets the cat out of the bag that lots and lots of Can’t Teach for America recruits quit after one semester.  And you better do that before someone reminds everyone that we’ve already been through a multi-decade multi-billion dollar putsch to “change the educational gap that exists between opportunities in St. Louis County and St. Louis City,” that being interdistrict deseg and busing, aka VICC, whose administrative headquarters are based, ironically enough, in Clayton.



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6 03 2016

Magic zip-codes. Magic dirt. Magical thinking.

“A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep.”
― Saul Bellow

7 03 2016
Paladin Justice

Another liberal waste of money. How much more wealth is destroyed before somebody wises up?

7 03 2016

You can’t just tell people they can’t make a difference, they have to figure it out for themselves.

7 03 2016

Brittany Packnett is black — so you can cut her some slack, she’s fighting for her own kind — she is deluded and probably willfully ignorant, maybe even stupid, but you still have to cut her some slack.

It’s the sanctimonious Whites who go along with it, who year after year throw taxpayer money at this problem, mostly the money of white taxpayers, all the while ignoring the abundant evidence that whatever they’re doing with the money does not work — they are the ones who disturb me.

7 03 2016

She was one of the co chairs of the Ferguson Commission.

7 03 2016

“…she is deluded and probably willfully ignorant, maybe even stupid…”


8 03 2016

black kids were better educated during slavery. When government get involved they will screw it up.

8 03 2016

the federal government forced integration on the south and it has destroyed public education.

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