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6 03 2016

New York

American Interest:

The New SAT Won’t Work

Tomorrow morning, hundreds of thousands of high school students will anxiously make their way to testing centers across the country for the first offering of the “new” SAT—the latest version of the iconic, 90 year-old college entrance exam.

The College Board has set high expectations for the new test, which is supposed to track high school curricula more closely by scrapping sophisticated vocabulary, focusing more heavily on reading, and dispensing with difficult math puzzles. In his 2014 speech announcing the changes, and in a subsequent public relations campaign, College Board President David Coleman presented the reforms as a social justice cause. The new SAT would be less convoluted, more difficult for rich kids to cram for with expensive tutors, and level the playing field for minorities and low-income students. Coleman even brought the historian Robert Caro on the stage to read a passage from his book about Lyndon Johnson’s anti-poverty efforts—a not-so-subtle suggestion that changing the SAT would similarly expand opportunity for those at the bottom of the ladder.

Ctrl+F in the article “Common Core” yields no results.  Of course, we know that Bully Gates hired Coleman to develop ‘Core, and then Coleman made the lateral move to the College Board in order to rewrite the SAT around ‘Core in order to “prove” that ‘Core is a success.  That’s why the new SAT will work.

When I see, hear or read “social justice,” I presume that some billionaire wants more money or power or wants to stroke his ego.



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6 03 2016

As an aside, the only kind of test which can’t be gamed and crammed for is a test which measures one’s innate abilities instead of one’s acquired knowledge. A test which measures one’s innate abilities is called an IQ test. And we all know how much the social justice crowd loves those these days.

6 03 2016
Alex the Goon

SAT should just go ahead and add the 40yd Dash and Vertical Leap, and some category mexicans excel at, whatever that could be.

6 03 2016

Good analysis. A better way to accomplish the ends of securing better grades/scores for blacks and NAMs would simply be to add a pre-determined number of points for race.

My objection to current efforts to elevate minority “feels” and make “White Privilege” disappear is the ongoing dumbing-down of educative material. This actually impacts the potential of the White kids. Better to keep the standards up, and just openly grant point subsidies for the blacks.

Unfair? You bet it is. Embarrassing to equalist Leftists? It shouldn’t be if they got along OK with Affirmative Action. Same basic gaming, but with fewer victims in this case, as the White kids might still learn something in school, whereas AA actually cheats some qualified person out of a job.

Problem: this method doesn’t enrich or make all-powerful some egotistical monopolizer.

6 03 2016

SAT scores are already adjusted for blacks (c. +250 points) and Asians (c. -100 points). And I don’t get the impression that any leftist (academic or otherwise) is embarrassed by the practice.

6 03 2016

Well, I guess they need to readjust them again. How about automatic HS Diploma for blacks, free College Tuition for all blacks, guaranteed Diploma, and comfy job “working” for the Government upon graduation?

Hold on…’re going to tell me we’re already doing all those things too, aren’t you? Damn, I think we are…..

6 03 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Actually having niggers dumb down the curriculum is a feature not a bug. These things don’t have any problems with self-esteem at all. Any claims they have any thoughts at all seem spurious, but these absurd claims of feeling bad for being dumb have no basis in fact at all. “Acting White” is reading and being productive. These monsters have no problems being stupid, they just have problems understanding responsibility and being held liable for their crimes and damages they cause.
To the dummies running this dystopian doomed society, they falsely believe that dumbing the population down will keep them in power and riches. Actually a society of dummies run by dummies will collapse in an orgy of mindless savagery and violence. These idiots like Gates are Soylent Green in their magical rainbow of skittles monsters. Monster High is gonna cook them for dinner or just eat the raw.

6 03 2016

You are correct. It’s the White idealistic teachers who *presume* that the poor blacks are dispirited by academic failure. They are projecting their own concerns, failing to realize just how impossible this entire integrate and uplift project is.

What’s amazing is that the society had a more functional (or less dysfunctional) black population 50 and more years ago. With all the pandering and special attention, all the wasted money, the condition of black families and race relations in general is worse not better.

Your assessment of a system spiraling downward is spot on. Sometimes I get caught up in the details. You have to stand back and get a good overall perspective to realize just how f-cked we really are. And the dumbing-down of Whites is entirely intentional, as you say. A population of dark brown, ignorant, emotional and easily led idiots appear to be the goal.

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