Feel the Bern Stepping in Poo

7 03 2016

Flint, Michigan

There are no poor or destitute white people?

Bern, your supporters aren’t going to like hearing that.

But, when you’re so anxious to peddle a narrative in order to pursue the votes of a demographic, you’re bound to step in it.



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7 03 2016

Asinine and pitiful groveling and unforgiveable disrespect to their own voters and supporters. Maybe if Bern was at the helm more White folks would get the opportunity to feel (and be) poor.

So any of you White folks who think you grew up poor- your experience and struggles have just been verbally wiped away- disregarded. No matter how bad it was, you could not have been REALLY poor- that is something only downtrodden black souls have known.

White Democrats need to walk away from both of these shameless peddlers of mythic suffering and sorrow.

7 03 2016

Some comments on the AR thread about this story tonight suggest that there are lots of very bad off whites in northeastern Vermont.

7 03 2016
Stan d Mute

Bernie is right. I’ve never raped a woman, sold crack, carjacked, done a drive-by, or failed to learn to read and speak English. I’m definitely not a negro.

9 03 2016
Area Man

Negro apologist who don’t understand percentages will frequently gloat that there are more poor whites on food stamps than blacks. Now all of a sudden there are no poor whites.

I wish they would pick an illogical double standard and stick with it.

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