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13 03 2016


* It’s back.  Knockout Martin Luther King, that is.

* “Reduce fights on campus.”  Just so you know what that campus is like.  It probably doesn’t seem that bad, but it’s the middle school in the St. Charles district which serves the mini-ghetto on the north side of town.

* The same story over and over again, the baby’s mother’s boyfriend who is not the baby’s father.

* From ESL, being all ookey in U-City.  Which should be a relief to U-City, because as we know, U-City has no black troublemakers.

* WRPT.  If she would have waited a week, it would have been written off as accounting snafus.

* Keep this story in mind as you remember that all we heard from the Fergaza Strip crowd was that the body of GENTILIVUS GIANTIVUS was left on the street pavement for four and a half hours.

* Read closely, and two ironic elements should jump out at you in just the first two paragraphs.  The first one shows us how we’re basically living in the movie Groundhog Day.  The kook left getting proto-violent or actually violent at Trump rallies this weekend should remind some of you of what their ideological parents and grandparents did to George Wallace at the height of his political influence.  It’s almost as if the problems they tell us are problems will never go away, so that there is always work to be done for and money to be made by people who gripe about the problems.  The second irony is that a student with a Bosnian surname is going to a high school in Jefferson County.  That’s indicative of how the Bosnian refugees resettled in St. Louis have been slowly spreading from their initial nests in Bevo southward into South County, and now they’re all the way south to Imperial.  And you know the reason why they’re fleeing Bevo — The black undertow.  She’s at some race summit for students, but her parents were having none of it at some point in the recent past, and their Bosnian feet don’t fail me now as they skeedaddled all the way to Imperial.


* His own gang banging got his son murdered, and even after his son’s death and his body not being cold yet, he still couldn’t resist.


* Making unemployment disappear, here in the era of hope and change.

* Amazing what people will say when they can be both honest and anon.

* The Hopeychanger-in-Chief accidentally let slip the real reason why he thinks the Feds should be able to get into everyone’s devices.  I’ll give you a hint:  Not terrorism.  I’ll give you another hint:  Not kiddie porn.

* Often, the media play games with photographs for racial reasons.  The story could be about school violence, the text will tell you that it’s happening in the ghetto part of town, but the story will use a generic/shutterstock of white students sitting in a classroom.  Or the story could be about brilliant doctors in town, and again, generics/shutterstocks of black doctors, when none of the brilliant doctors in the story are actually black.  In this case, I happen to think they were being truthful.

* Bern is pinning his hopes on 17-year olds.  You know what happens when you pin all your hopes on young voters?  “President Ron Paul.”  Er, wait…

* While the delta between 88% and 65% is very very significant and in fact several orders of magnitude, considering who and what is being studied, the fact of the matter is that 65% will win you the election as much as 88% will.  It’s just that there are still enough white Democrats left in Michigan really to matter, unlike Mississippi.

* Those of you who have been reading this space long enough know that one of my pet theories about the modern “campus rape epidemic” hysteria and paranoia is that because the undergraduate college student body has been majority women and is now pretty overwhelmingly so, and growing more so by the year, the fathers of college women are reacting differently to the prospects of their daughters going to college rather than the prospects of their sons going off to college.  Daddy was once a college man himself, probably in a frat, and knows how he was around the gals.  And he ain’t having that with any other college guy doing that to his daughter, oh no.  Therefore, middle aged men with daughters in college are exerting political and monetary pressure on politicians and schools to make sure their daughters stay pure, and this is why fraternities are straight in the crosshairs.

To wit…


* The AfD results were nice, but predictable.  The NPD’s take in two towns were really interesting, and the reason really obvious.

* You think this will get American neocons off of Trump’s case?

* It’s called heteropaternal superfecundation, and it’s not as rare as you think.


* St. Peter returned him to Earth, a mailer-daemon error.

* What next?  Porting Microsoft Office to Linux?  That was a punchline several years ago.

* My personal and self-made retort to the idea that women as heads of state would be less likely to provoke or engage in warfare, being mindful of human nature, of which I consider myself a rather keen student, is that if every country was led by a woman, World War III and also nuclear Armageddon would break out as the end result of a chain reaction that would start with one of these women saying of another, “bitch stole my man.”

An examination of European history has proven me right.



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14 03 2016
14 03 2016

while the genie is probably out of the bottle on encryption, I doubt that terrorists are remembering 60 character passwords and the like. Bin Laden called for them to not use the Great Satan’s devices, and to transmit messages via reliable couriers only.

16 03 2016

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