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14 03 2016


Thomas Frank, author of What’s the Matter With Kansas?, is now changing his pitch, and blaming the modern left itself for losing white working class voters and creating the underserved market that Trump is now serving.  Ironically, Ted Cruz won the Kansas Republican caucuses with a majority.

Kyle Smith, writing in the NYP, states that:

There is some enticing evidence for Frank’s claim that Democrats deliberately shunned American workers. He points to a 1971 manifesto by Democratic strategist Frederick Dutton, who wrote that workers had become the enemy because they were “the principal group arrayed against the forces of change.”

The Colorado Democrat Gary Hart, one of the many elected to Congress in 1974 as a reaction to Watergate, called his standard stump speech “The End of the New Deal” and President Jimmy Carter’s adviser Alfred Kahn wrote, “I’d love the Teamsters to be worse off. I’d love the automobile workers to be worse off. . . . I want to eliminate a situation in which certain protected workers in industries insulated from competition can increase their wages much more rapidly than the average.”

This should sound familiar to a lot of you.  This is just about the same dialectic of WWI-era communists who felt betrayed when the working men of Europe sided with their states and went off to fight instead of opting for a universal workers’ revolution against nationalism.



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14 03 2016
David In TN

Absolutely, and they went from Economic Marxism to Cultural Marxism.

14 03 2016
john jones

Trump has trouble with caucuses because Trump supporters have to sustain abuse from BLMs. SJWs, Muslims, Mexicans, SWPLs, and “pious Christians” jut to show their face in a public space like that. Fortunately, Nov. is private ballot.

14 03 2016

those on the bottom rung of the economic ladder would be voting democrat, but the dysfunctionality surrounding all of the things that have been done to “help” such people has essentially atomized them to the degree where they aren’t going to go vote or engage in much of any civic participation. It is the people on the next rung up, that haven’t wrecked their lives that are voting against the democrats.

14 03 2016

I believe you’re on to something there.

15 03 2016

Wait one.

Being a Trump supporter/voter now qualifies one as “underserved”?


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