Ferguson Accepts DOJ Consent Decree

15 03 2016


That broke tonight under the radar of everything else.

It’s just going to hasten Ferguson’s bankruptcy.



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16 03 2016
16 03 2016

His white guts, or his fake black guts?

16 03 2016

To be fair to King, I’d rather have my friends know my views (they do). Additionally, the time when one had to be anonymous to express these views is coming to an end.

16 03 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Chin up boys. These are what Heinlein predicted in Starship Troopers. These are the dark times the bad times, when people couldn’t go out in daylight without youths (sic) attacking them during the day.
But I’m pretty sure we’ve reached Full Retard now. When a New England boy from an upscale White fambly marries a rock troll from Taco Hell and has a brown sprog and when campaigning for President he says Americans are lazy and he’s a proud Meskin, we’ve finally hit bottom. That is what you call Full Retard. Oh sure his brother was dumb and his other brother bankrupted a savings and loan in the 80s but Motel Six Bush is the Black Sheep of the shrubbery fambly.
Soon the Veterans and Men who have had enough will rise up and restore order. Trump isn’t the answer but he answered the question of why Lincoln’s Party always seems to lose and grasp defeat from the jaws of Victory. Its Kayfabe. Like the WWE, its a fake fight. They don’t really hate each other they hate you. They cooperate to sell you out. Thanks Donald. You can go back to TV now.
When you see, you can never unsee. Its a fraud. They’re whores, they’re all just whores. See there was a reason. Bet you didn’t even see it coming. And that’s the Bottom Line, cause Stone Cold Reality just kicked their ass…

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