Having Attained Full Size and Strength

17 03 2016

Miami and New York

I’m seeing this narrative pop up in multiple places in the Pool Boy campaign postmortem.  Schumer conned him into being the other name on the actual legislation and also one of the eight in the Gang Bangers of eight, only because Schumer wanted to ruin his Presidential prospects.

Schumer is plenty Machiavellian, I’ll grant you that.  And he’s got more brain pains than Rubio, I’ll also grant you that.

But Marco Rubio was 42 years old in 2013.  He wasn’t some teenager, he was a grown man and a middle aged one at that.  And he’s not exactly mentally retarded.

I’m also hearing Rubio-sycophant excuses that he fell for the reasoning in the Romney postmortem RNC autopsy.  Fell for the reasoning?  I knew from one microsecond after that autopsy was released that it was donor-driven political pseudoscience.  To be more frank, I knew what the autopsy would contend and why it was going to be wrong once I heard the RNC was performing an autopsy, because I knew who was doing the autopsy.  And I’m not a United States Senator, though I was one election away from being a staffer for one.  Yet, Rubio himself supposedly couldn’t see through all that?

Rubio signed on with Schumer and the Gang Bangers because he’s an open borders no borders open immigration advocate, simple as that.  Nobody conned him, because nobody had to.



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17 03 2016

Well stated. Maybe they think they can get a few more miles out of a restored Rubiobot in the future, so they are tossing out a “he won’t get fooled again” pretext for future outings. If getting fooled by the Democrats was good enough for Reagan, it must be plenty good for ye humble Foam Boy.

Like with the football trick in “Peanuts”, everyone forgives Charlie Republican when Lucy Democrat moves the ball.

17 03 2016
Joshua Sinistar

I think the “plan” is to dump all their White voters and go after the couple dozen crucial black and Latinoid votes to become the Irrelevant Party of no-chance cucks. The GOPe a Dopes can be the Naders of the Right. Maybe they can retool that fool and turn him into Darth Nader?

17 03 2016

I’ve been so disappointed in Fox I’ve been watching more CNN than usual the last several months. While Van Jones is a black liberation commie enemy to the country I love(d), he’s been one of the few on CNN telling people for months they better take Trump seriously and that Trump can win. And I suspect Van Jones must like and admire Fidel Castro, so I’m not exactly sure how to take that comparison coming from Van Jones.

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