Sunday Wrap-Up

20 03 2016


* What is with this obsession with pants?  Is there a hot new pants fad in Bell Curve City?

* Now can we take the hint and stop trying to Kluxerize everything?

* And you know how our civic officials both public and quasi-public are going to squirm their way out of this, don’t you?  “We’re not part of a county, blah blah blah.”

* MissingLink, more cops, seems right.


* Deez Nuts, dat ook.

* Sure, because this kind of thing has never been tried before.

* Hint: NOT Al Bundy.

* This wouldn’t be on my radar at all, but the casino where he gambled away some of his illicit money is interesting.  It’s very near the point where Missouri, Oklahoma and Kansas state lines meet.  In order to get to it, no matter which direction you’re coming from along I-44, you have to exit at the last Missouri exit south of Joplin, then go northwest a little bit, hit a roundabout, go “left” on it, temporarily cross into Kansas for a short bit, park in the casino’s parking lot which is in Kansas, then walk into the entrance, the Kansas-Oklahoma line is only feet north of the entrance.  Once you walk across that state line, you’re not only in Oklahoma, but on an Indian reservation.


* When blacks say they’re opposed to segregation, what they’re really saying is: “We don’t like niggers, either.”

They’re opposed to segregation in that they don’t want us crackers to advocate it, so we can leave the door open for blacks to run away from other blacks.


* It reads to me like Ofc Jacobs was trigger shy, for obvious current political reasons, and that cost him his life.

* Indeed, abduction isn’t the felony that one has to worry about in cases like these.  The losers of rap battles tend to murder.

* Hence, the Tumblrista of Common Filth fame.

* Seventeen years old, “Trevon,” Miami, shot dead, self-defense.  It all seems so familiar.

* What the…?  Does Baraq Obama not think he’ll be able to Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation style hustle his way into a fortune starting January 21?  I think the answer is that he doesn’t want to; he’ll do as little as he needs to in order to collect as much money as he needs in order to fund his beaucoup-golf lifestyle.  It’s also why I don’t buy the Rush Limbaugh theory that Obama is going to try to vigorously defend his Presidential legacy in his post-Presidential years, pretending to be President when he is no longer, (ironically, he likes to pretend not to be President when he actually is).  The only reason he’s going to stay living in D.C. temporarily after January 20 is for the daughters to cycle out of Sidwell Enemies.  Once the younger one is safely ensconced at Harvard, then he’ll ditch D.C. for good.


* “French” teenagers.  N’est pas?

* This is right up Jafari Sinclaire Allen’s alley.

* El Chapo’s firepower: Made in the USA.  Thanks, Barry.

* I didn’t know Romania had a lot of black voters.

* As someone with a lot of Czech in his ancestral tree, this makes me happy.  But as a white man, it makes me sad.


* You know the years are starting to fly by when the obit pages splash Frank Sinatra Junior; seems like yesterday it was Frank Sinatra Senior, except that “yesterday” was almost 18 years ago.

* Quite a few people who let Microsoft upgrade them from a previous version of Windows to Windows 10 in place all of a sudden have password problems, they can’t log on to their Windows 10 user accounts using the passwords from their equivalent Windows 7/8/8.1 user accounts.  If you’re using 7/8/8.1 and you get the offer for the free upgrade, just walk on by.

* When they say the Internet of Things, they mean the Internet of Things.



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20 03 2016
Alex the Goon

WRPT: “It is not clear why the truck was stolen.”
Czech: Europe needs White Fight, not White Flight.

21 03 2016
Hard Right

Figured I’d better check just in case….

“No traces of the Get Windows 10 app, Windows 10 upgrade settings, or Windows 10 installation files found. You appear to be safe!”

Damn, I’m good :)

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