Everybody Loves a Good Show

21 03 2016

Chicago and Austin

I. Call. Bullshit.

A documentary screened at SXSW about a black blues musician supposedly leading twenty-five supposed Kluxers out of the supposed Klan?

Fake as a reality show.

But, giving him the benefit of the doubt and operating under the assumption that he actually did get 25 actual Kluxers to quit the actual Klan, which is a really big benefit, because I don’t think there are as many as 25 actual Klansmen around these days, the reason Black Lives Matter activists don’t like what he’s doing is that they need a Klan, or at least the pretense of a Klan.  Because KKKrazy Glue.



4 responses

21 03 2016

i’d believe a handful of klansmen would be converted through music. but 25 is a stretch.

21 03 2016

Blues, country and blue grass are vaguely similar enough it would work.

23 03 2016

Well,let’s see,what difference does it make.Blacks are killing blacks in record numbers the clan couldn’t even dream about!We DO NOT BELONG TOGETHER simple as that.

24 03 2016
Toddy Cat

Besides, you can admit that some Blacks make good music, and still not want them around. I personally really like falafel, but I have no intention of moving to either Dearborn or Syria.

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