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22 03 2016

St. Louis City

Proposition E on the muni ballot early next month, the every five years vote on keeping or getting rid of the city earnings tax.  Kansas City has to do the same thing.

Me, November 12, 2010:

It all makes me wonder what kind of dope Rex Sinquefield was smoking.  Why did he go through all this trouble to get [2010 Missouri Proposition A] on the ballot?  It won’t make an actual difference even though it passed (even though no more cities will be able to enact earnings taxes), because, like I said, STL and KC voters will be voting every five years to keep theirs.  So what gives?

Then it hit me like a brick — Rex Sinquefield is crazy, but he’s crazy like a fox.  When you go to the well for water too many times, you eventually run out of water.  By getting Prop A on the ballot and passed, this means that liberals in both of Missouri’s major cities are going to have to go to the well for money and contributions every five years just to keep their earnings taxes.  This means that there’s less liberal money for Democrat politicians and for other propositions and referenda.  Nice thinking, Rex.

The people doing the anti-earnings tax media buys know full well that STL and KC voters will vote the opposite way, to keep those cities’ municipal earnings taxes.  But that’s not the point, as I figured out six years ago.



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5 04 2016
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[…] St. Louis City Proposition E, which will pass, i.e. the city will retain its earnings tax.  Though that’s not the point. […]

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