Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

22 03 2016

Richmond Heights

MissingLink station.

PGR not working?  Of course it’s not working, because it’s ineffective.  Prohibiting those under 17 after certain hours on weekend evenings doesn’t prevent much.



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23 03 2016
24 03 2016
john jones

This may or may not be related, but I was just now trying to find a Lilly Pulitzer pen set as a present for my daughter that I found at Dillards.com. I called Dillards at the Galleria. I got put on hold about 7 times and spoke to 5 departments.

A) All employees were heavily-ebonic’d blacks (“Youll have to AXE accesories depawtmunt”) B) None answered the phone with any decorum (like identifying their department) and C) none seemed to even understand why a person might want a pen set or that Lilly Pulitzer was a designer.

These employees might have been better in person, but it’s safe to say that phone manners are lacking in the ghetto by and large. But if they tried to steer phone answering jobs to white people … lawsuit!

24 03 2016

If the MissingLink stop brought the undertow there to shop(lift) and do mahogany mobs, then why wouldn’t it bring a conga line of Shaniquas there to “work?”

It’s why, even though I now live in Richmond Heights, I’ll rarely go to the Galleria.

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