27 03 2016


When I was growing up, the major utilities were Union Electric, Laclede Gas and Southwestern Bell.

Union Electric became AmerenUE and then Ameren Missouri.  Southwestern Bell, an AT&T (“Ma Bell”) owned RBOC (“Baby Bell”) before the anti-trust lawsuit and an independent phone company based in St. Louis after, eventually merged with other ex-Baby Bells and then back with the original Ma Bell, and it’s now known as AT&T, now based in San Antonio.  Though with far many more telecom options today, that hardly seems like a big deal.

But at least Laclede Gas would never do anything as trite as abandon the name of one of the two co-founders of St. Louis, where one can also find Laclede Cab, and also Laclede Avenue as the dividing line between north and south for street addresses on north-south streets that exist on both sides of Laclede Avenue?

They would, and are going to.

Which means we’ll soon be left with memories.



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28 03 2016

I was at the zoo with the wife and kids, and was looking down into the vestibule at the living world building. They have four lecture halls on the ground floor, each one sponsored. McDonnel-Douglas, AB, May Company and Monsanto. Who would have thought Monsanto would be the only one left?

31 03 2016
Lamplighter of California

Jim Varney also did some commercials out here in the late 1980s and early 1990s for the massive auto dealership in Cerritos,California known as “Cerritos Auto Square”:

31 03 2016

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