Lump of Cole

28 03 2016

Jefferson City

A state trial level judge in the Cole County circuit has found that the state’s municipal court reform bill of last year is unconstitutional, because it treats St. Louis County and its municipalities differently than it treats the rest of the state.  It’ll probably be appealed, but as far as replacement legislation, even now, it’s too late for any fresh new bill to have a chance to become law; there’s only a month and a half left in the session.

I’m not a big fan of the bill that passed last year, because it’s underpowered.  Even taken at the letter of the law, it still leaves fine and ticket revenue dependent municipalities a lot of latitude to fuck around with people, and don’t count on the state to enforce the law to its letter; an earlier muni court reform law has been mostly ignored.  I think that any solution short of actually prohibiting monetary punishments for fines and tickets is underpowered.



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