Now That the Feds Have Cracked Into Farooq’s iPhone…

28 03 2016

Washington, D.C.

Let’s say they find out that everything he did in San Berdoo was planned and funded by some heretofore unknown terror cell or group in Whereverthefuckistan.

Does this mean we’re going to have to invade Whereverthefuckistan in order to bring it duhmocrazy?  Then of course let millions of people from Whereverthefuckistan immigrate here legally as refugees and otherwise.  Because no good invade the world would be complete without a matching invite the world.

That’s been my problem with the FBI/AAPL dustup, that the question of what the Feds should or should not know is moot, because they react improperly to what they do know.



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29 03 2016

What if it showed they had fellow co-conspirators here in the US? I don’t trust the government much, but I’d like them to know that.

29 03 2016

If it shows that, our official response will to be let more of their ilk immigrate.

29 03 2016
Joshua Sinistar

They’re full of crap. They won’t focus on Muslims because they say it discriminates. They like terrorists. Terrorism gives them the excuse to suspend your rights and set up a Soviet Style Police State. These clowns haven’t caught anybody. They’re not spying on them, they’re spying on you.

29 03 2016
Hard Right

29 03 2016
Alex the Goon

FBI investigating a group of ragheads yelling allah akbar and firing hundreds of rounds just up the road from San Murderdino. I can’t wait to find out whether they’re investigating the sand niggers, or the local police for racistly profiling the sand niggers – who btw are just as American as you or me or the Cubans who just arrived this afternoon.

30 03 2016

Imperialism has always been crypto self-destruction, ever since (((they))) funded the Dutch East India Company with gentile fronts. When making up “Islam” and loosing kebabs on Europe failed for centuries in a row, (((they))) tried a different approach.

And it’s working damned well. Soon Jehovallah’s Sanhedrinish Caliphate will cover the world.

31 03 2016

“What if it showed they had fellow co-conspirators here in the US?”

So what? They brought them here in the first place. It’s like tossing a thousand rattlesnakes into a house and then expecting applause because you removed a couple.

31 03 2016
Lamplighter of California

From the looks of the following article,encryption is about to become significantly more challenging,if not impossible:

“MIT scientists stunned by scalable quantum computer” by Sam Catherman,March 4,2016

3 04 2016
Hard Right

£120 code cracker that can unlock an iPhone in six hours: So hands up, FBI, why did it take you FOUR MONTHS to access jihadi’s phone?

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