City Bound

31 03 2016

Carr Square

NGA just announced that it prefers the St. Louis City proposal, the land just north of the old Pruitt-Igoe site.

That sound you hear is Francis Slay boogie woogieng like boogie woogieing becomes a crime at midnight.  Paul McKee can’t be disappointed, either.



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31 03 2016
Hard Right

Sales of car alarms skyrocket.

31 03 2016

Good for St. Louis, I suppose, but I can’t believe those employees are too happy. Then again, if they live in Missouri, maybe they didn’t want the extra drive. Don’t think they’ll be spending much money in the local neighborhood though.

1 04 2016

Where could one spend money there? Middle Eastern or South Asian owned hole in the wall ghetto quickie marts.

1 04 2016

Depends on what the racial makeup is. I assume you have a lot of aa hires, but defense mapping would mean a lot of qualified employees as well as contractors. I bet half are going to have a shorter drive, but the other half are pissed the NGA isn’t moving to the met life campus (Butler Hill and Tesson Ferry)

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