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2 04 2016

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Me, describing my generation, back on October 29:

Ours is the last generation of people that has and will have any conscious memory of a pre-Internet world, a pre-ubiquitously connected world, a world where phone calls between cities cost extra and were metered by the minute, and of the Soviet Union as an empire that displayed a threatening posture.  We did incubate the first wave of the Internet era, the first wave of the Dot-Com boom.  Otherwise, we’ll be telling our grandchildren horror stories about what it was like to look up a topic before Wikipedia.

Blogmeister Echo Syndrome. It’s almost like reading my autobiography, right down to the jot and tittle of being suckered into joining a CD club; I still have almost all of those CDs to this day, but discovered quickly that, per unit cost, the CD clubs (and I presume before then, the cassette clubs and the record clubs, an episode of the last season of Leave It To Beaver had Beaver joining a record club, and that was in 1962-63), were not much less expensive than just buying them at the CD/music/record store, another artifact our generation is the last to have experienced.

Her point that we in the latter part of Generation X were/are uniquely positioned as accidents of the years of our births in that we’re split halfway between the old and the new worlds and can see the advantages and disadvantages of both sides is a point I breezed by, but should have realized was really profound.

ICYMI, library index cards is one way we looked up a topic before Wikipedia.

Speaking of another generation, you’ll notice I had this to say in that same post:

They are currently at their peak of power and control over real institutions.  We are indeed living in the Peak Boomer Era.  Forget about Peak Oil, the real problem is Peak Boomer.  Since they are exercising power unchecked, they are creating precisely the world that both their critics and apologists of both older and younger generations predicted they would.




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2 04 2016

Many boomers have zero retirement savings and as such, can look forward to the prospect of being tucking into their Depends by hostile ethnics who may or may not remember to empty the catheter bag on the way out. “At least I’m not racist,” the boomer intones, as sepsis creeps into the blood.

Massive, short term population growth (“baby booms”) seem destabilizing to societies which produce them and this boom seems no exception. Narcissistis to a shocking degree, unswervingly convinced of their own sanctimony, and grossly decadent, this generation and its ideals cannot slip away soon enough.

2 04 2016
Witch PHD

circular files rock. Remember microfilm

3 04 2016

Microfilm/microfiche. BTDT.

2 04 2016

I guess I’m a bit older, I’m a gen x’er that just missed the baby boomer years. I agree. My wife and I were watching the 80’s tonight on CNN and saw the shows, but we watched more from the 70’s. I guess by the 80’s we were starting to move into our rooms listening to music. In the 70’s we were kids and watched TV with our parents.

I noticed a huge development at 40 and Brentwood ( just west). It’s what we used to call an “old folks home.” We also have fairly new very large ones in Kirkwood and I think it’s going up just south of 44 and Berry. While they used to build big malls, now they build old white people housing projects.

3 04 2016

I just moved to Richmond Heights, and I noticed that thing at 40/Brentwood myself. I was figuring either condos or old folks.

3 04 2016
Hard Right

You moved closer to the City?

3 04 2016

If I would have had my way I would have moved into the city itself, but where I’m at now in RH is just as good because it’s a very short commute to work when I’m home, and that I am this week.

3 04 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Contrary to their own protestations the Boomers were the worst spoiled brat prodigals that ever existed in Human History. They had their whole world provided by their parents and with the world as their oyster proceeded to tear it down and hand it to their enemies. There literally is not an enemy they do not like. Whether it was the Soviets during the Cold War or the Islamic Terrorists Today, they simply refuse to ever take their own side and shit all over the country and culture that raised and nurtured them. As they grow older the delusions continue as they constantly claim they will be eternally young. Deluded vanity articles saying that 70 or 80 is the new 20, keep up their fantasy of never getting old, as they slowly fall apart through entropy and endless bad nutrition advice like staying away from calories and meat. As they lose weight and become lethargic due to pellagra and other vitamin deficiencies from their crazy fad diets, these fools just insist they will be eternally young as they age into wrinkly bags of skin and bones. Always willing to hold up signs against Western Civilization, they keep pushing the imagined benefits of strange neo-luddite primitivism..

18 05 2016
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29 05 2016
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