3 04 2016

St. Louis City; Clayton

And all this is happening in spite of the fact that the metro area has a pretty tiny Hispanic population.

Imagine how much worse it would be if it was larger.

Yet, many of the quoted by name public officials are big open borders zero immigration enforcement hacks.

One other thing the Mex cartels are bringing in that isn’t mentioned here is meth.  As various Federal and state laws have made home brew meth operations way more difficult, the Mex gangs have stepped in to fill the supply void.  And what they bring is way more potent, addictive and destructive than the trailer park home brew.



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3 04 2016

“The gangs have to have a lot of customers because the heroin is so cheap,”

The heroin is cheap because the borders are wide open. The borders are wide open because of white-hating racism. The heroin was preceded by the Oxycontin plague that was purposely unleashed upon white rural America by the government. The government introduced opiate problems to vast areas that never had them before, and the Mexicans, allowed to skip over the border with impunity and openly targeting whites, entered the markets created by the government by undercutting their price.

I urge everybody reading this to read two books: “Dreamland” by Sam Quinones and “American Pain” by John Temple if you want to see just how evil and anti-white the establishment is. War-criminal evil. Here is a few excerpts from “American Pain”:

“What escaped most people’s attention was that the pharmaceutical companies had an even more dependable ally in, ironically, the Drug Enforcement Administration.

the DEA had signed off on hikes in the manufacturing quotas of all popular prescription narcotics. Golbom dug up the numbers. And they were stunning. In 1993, three years before OxyContin came out, the DEA allowed pharmaceutical companies to manufacture 3,520 kilograms of oxycodone. In 2007, the DEA signed off on the production of seventy thousand kilograms of oxycodone. Almost twenty times the amount manufactured just fourteen years earlier. Twenty times. Less than four tons compared to seventy-seven tons.

Between 1996 and 2007, the DEA had nearly quadrupled the production of hydrocodone, allowed manufacturers to produce almost ten times the amount of fentanyl, and hiked the quota of hydromorphone by four and a half times.

Cutting back the quotas wasn’t a radical idea. In fact, the DEA had combated drug waves by reducing quotas before. In the 1970s, when speed pills were popular, the DEA cut the quota of amphetamines by 90 percent, and the illicit market dried up. A decade later, sedative-hypnotics like Quaa- ludes swept across the country, and the DEA cut the quota of the ingredient methaqualone by 74 percent, which effectively erased the problem.

By 2008, the United States was awash in prescription narcotics, enough for every American adult to pop a 5-milligram Vicodin every four hours for nearly a month. According to the International Narcotics Control Board, the US had consumed 83 percent of the global supply of oxyco-done in 2007. And 99 percent of the world’s hydrocodone. No one believed that the US was in that much more pain than the rest of the world.”

Temple, John (2015-09-29). American Pain: How a Young Felon and His Ring of Doctors Unleashed America’s Deadliest Drug Epidemic (p. 53).

3 04 2016

Here’s a quote from a New York Times article on the Oxy plague:

“There is a reason that blacks appear to have been spared the worst of the narcotic epidemic, said Dr. Andrew Kolodny, a drug abuse expert. Studies have found that doctors are much more reluctant to prescribe painkillers to minority patients, worrying that they might sell them or become addicted.

“The answer is that racial stereotypes are protecting these patients from the addiction epidemic,” said Dr. Kolodny, a senior scientist at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University and chief medical officer for Phoenix House Foundation, a national drug and alcohol treatment company.”

In other words black areas have been spared from the Oxy/Heroin plague because of . . . wait for it . . . WHITE RACISM! (White racism, is there anything it can’t do?) Translated from Orwellian liberal racist double-speak what this really means is that the Oxy pushers didn’t dare push their junk in black areas because there would have been a quick and loud reaction, with words like genocide being bandied about. Black activists and politicians, the press, the political parties would have all screamed, literally, bloody murder. But so demonized and dehumanized are lower class whites (all whites, really) that this government enabled plague went on with virtually no comment. The target was sanctioned.

5 04 2016

The feds could choke off the supply of pills flooding American streets tomorrow. Instead, they let Big Pharma crank out 151 tons of it last year. . . In 1993, the DEA allowed pharmaceutical companies to manufacture 3,520 kilograms of oxycodone. In 2015, the DEA authorized production of 137,500 kilograms of oxycodone. That’s a 39-fold increase in 22 years, the equivalent of turning two Buicks into four Boeing 737s. Either Americans are in 39 times more pain than we were 20 years ago, or something else is wrong.


The system grabbing some of that sweet money the heroin trade produces, all without being called dope dealers and dealing with drug cartels and warlords, and purposely directing it at whites (though what gets around, comes around). The black tar heroin trade is even better for the system: the open borders genocide through racist colonialism also allows the free f;low of poison that actually kills off whites sooner and numbs them to the extermination policy being wage against them

30 06 2016
Arica Berthelot

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