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6 04 2016


Read carefully, and two different bellcurvey elements present:

(1) Dinduistands are notorious for packs of dogs running around; the dogs are former pets that the owners jettisoned or just let drift free.  The dogs meet each other and form packs.  And they’re even more dangerous packs than the typical dogs, because dogs that black people own tend to be vicious breeds, pit bulls among others.

(2) Dinduistans are also notorious for unkempt cemeteries and memorials.  You can tell if a cemetery you’re passing by is a black one if the grass is overgrown.

Of course, those aren’t the only two bellcurvey elements of this narrative.



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6 04 2016

when a po’po sub-saharan African male who was just on the verge of turning his life around as a musical Artiste or attending medical school is dragooned into prison on trumped up charges by corrupt police & prosecutors, they must needs abandon their pedigreed & well-trained pit bull puppies as pit bulls aren’t allowed in Jail…These packs of pitties are only seeking justice for racism victims

6 04 2016

Bellcurvy signs

1) no one helped as a child was ripped apart by wild dogs
2) Child was by himself with no sign of parent(s)
3) caring black female govt worker (school superintendent) getting good ink in the post
4) Bombed out neighborhood in background of picture

Horrible Deep Thought popped into my mind from Jack Handy ‘it’s a shame a family can be be torn apart by something as simple as a pack of wild dogs’

Side note: both of my parents graduated from Jennings in 1971. In the yearbook, there was one black girl in 7th grade. By the time my grandparents left in 81, half their street was black. Jennings went really fast.

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