Four Is Enough

8 04 2016

City Hall

Big news about an hour ago is that Slay called an emergency presser.

I surmised before it started:

I was right, but not right enough.

He then also spiked the football over Proposition E winning in spite of all the money Rex spent in opposition, as the state ballot measure which necessitates these quintennial earnings tax retention votes here and in Kansas City was also Rex’s baby, though as you all know, because you read this space, Rex was and is being Machiavellian, not ideological.

Then Slay announced that he won’t seek a fifth term as mayor, and assured us that it has nothing to do with health problems or indictments or greener political pastures.  Because Slay will be 62 years old by the time he leaves Room 200 in about a year, I think it’s entirely a function of him wanting to enjoy some good years while he still has some left.

As for 2017 candidates to replace him, try Lewis Reed, Joe Roddy, Antonio French, Jane Schweitzer as big names that everyone will mention.  Dark horses in my mind are Cara Spencer and Christine Ingrassia.  The latter holds down Ward 6, which includes Lafayette Square, which would instantly give her an advantage.  Remember who held down 6 before her:  Lewis Reed.



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8 04 2016

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