Piece of the Action

8 04 2016

Bristol, Connecticut


I want one of those shirts.

Though we know what he’s up to; he’s trying to make a sly political point about Indian mascots.

Which makes me wonder:  Why do black politicians, activists and talking heads care about Indian mascots so much?

Answer:  They think they’re making nice with Indians so that the Indians will give them a piece of their casino action.



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8 04 2016
Alex the Goon

If anything, that shirt validates our Redskins and Chief Whackahomer “racism”, because now we’re also being misappropriated. I’m still waiting for teams/leagues to ban the “Ohhhh-oh-OHhhhhhh, Ohhhhh-oh-Ohhhhh” chant. Good luck silencing 90,000 rowdy fans.

8 04 2016

Didnt the cherokee nation expel the blacks from the tribe?

8 04 2016
Stan d Mute

To the extent any negroes have any real historical knowledge, the Indians are a huge embarrassment. First, the Indians refused to be slaves. They preferred fighting to their death than being enslaved (a condition most negroes happily embraced). Second, Indians owned a fair number of negroes they had either stolen after killing the white previous owners or that they had traded/purchased from whites.

Indians, like their modern day cousins from Central America, had zero respect for the negro, viewing him as lazy, cowardly, and dim witted.

I don’t know that contemporary Indian casino wealth has much of anything to do with this. It seems more likely that they see the common goal of hating on whitey for something their community agitators told them. If/when whitey’s guilt spigot of money is turned off, the negro/Indian alliance will vanish overnight. Indians and negroes are nearly as different as Indians and whites – much more different than IQ scores alone demonstrate.

9 04 2016

When thinking about black people, if the five’ll-getya-ten choice to explain something they do is either an attempt to procure material goods, or an abstract sociopolitical strategery, I have to go with the former.

9 04 2016

just camw back from the Maryland heoghts caucus, mo gop tanked the trump slate with establishment trojan horses.

i wonder if thats how the other caucuses went.

9 04 2016
Hard Right

Didn’t bother going to mine. Figured there wasn’t much I could do about it.

9 04 2016

I want one. I lost my Fightin’ Whities t-shirt.

12 04 2016

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