Sunday Wrap-Up

10 04 2016


* Insult to injury:  The now generically named football domed stadium downtown lost the Rams back in January, and now, it has also lost what was until now its sole remaining regularly scheduled football event, that being the state high school football championship games, called the Show-Me Bowl.  Starting school year after next, those are going to Springfield, presumably to Plaster Stadium, home of the MSU Bears. (In the interim, the 2016 SMB will be at Faurot in Columbia, so the Dome has already hosted its last SMB.)  At the same time, the state basketball championships are moving from Columbia and Mizzou Arena also to Springfield, presumably Hammons Arena, where MSU basketball home games are held.

* A place dedicated to foreign wars sees a domestic battle.

* Remember this from late last year?  I’m sure you’ve already forgotten, not that they’re in a mood to make us remember, in spite of this almost final news about the matter.

* Just a reminder that even our state’s capital city has a mini-ghetto, whose denizens “represent” from time to time.  Note the name of the bus company’s location manager, his job must be a real house of cards.


* Remember, they’re all just little bitty children, or something like that.


* White woman named Fawcett had two sons named Utu, one of whom stabbed her and the other Utu to death.  What this means is that one of her two fashion accessories from way back when grew up and turned on both her and the other fashion accessory.

* WRPT…nah, this one is too easy.


* Trevor Phillips, who supposedly coined the term “Islamophobia,” is having second thoughts.  Really, after a career full of crazy, he’s actually been on a sane roll in recent years.


* Some good news.  On open source software, Linus Torvalds once wrote that given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow.  I suppose we can adapt that saying to state that given enough eyeballs, all genetic diseases are shallow.

* Henry Harpending died several days ago, and one of his big themes in his professional academic life is that evolution can work surprisingly rapidly, and in fact, can hit the accelerator.  So can devolution, as it turns out.

* I have thought for some time that “trust your gut” is the vernacular for the fact that our subconscious learns lessons that aren’t easily available to our conscious minds.  My thinking was right on.



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10 04 2016
Lamplighter of California

One Old Vet has resumed posting.He apparently returned in early February,and from the look of things (a new site redesign and nearly 1,000 posts in only 2 1/2 short months),he’s back with a vengeance.

10 04 2016
Hard Right

Vox Day starts SJW list

Started in response to SJW’s trying to silence Moldbug.

10 04 2016

Vox better be careful, because he’ll assemble this neat shit list and then someone will notice something that a big percentage of the people on his list have in common, oy vey.

10 04 2016
Alex the Goon

Easy rebuttal: “Only an anti-semite would notice something like that. We believe NAJALT.”

10 04 2016

Late entry:

AAPL won’t sue either because they gave the FBI the hack, or the hack came from a politically sensitive place, i.e. Israel.

11 04 2016

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