Nixon Bans the Box

11 04 2016

Jefferson City

With his pen and phone.

Just to be clear, it only applies to state executive agency employment, and only on the initial application.  An applicant’s criminal record can be queried later in the application process, and if it’s relevant to the employment duties.  Banning the box won’t mean that convicted felons will become highway patrolmen or prison guards.

Repeating for those needing, ban the box isn’t really just about banning the box, it’s political predication for affirmative action for felons.

And in this particular case, Nixon is with his pen and phone and in essence opening a “Felons for Koster” campaign office.



3 responses

11 04 2016
11 04 2016
Alex the Goon

Putting felons into the workforce gives them a new place to recidivate. I’m betting Nixon hasn’t hired any ex-cons in his office or home.

11 04 2016

Yeah, let’s be all pro criminal and shit.

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