12 04 2016

Menlo Park, California

Dueling Drudge headlines.



Fucked up priorities much?

While I’m on this subject, and to be serious for a moment, the reason the proposal in the second article will fail will be because the iPhone-sized devices they send to Alpha Centauri won’t have enough power to transmit strong enough signals to get back to Earth.  Remember, the typical terrestrial radio broadcast of the sort that makes it past the ionosphere, an example is your local 100,000 watt FM radio station, becomes extinct, i.e. it fades out and becomes indistinguishable from the natural radiation our galaxy makes at FM radio frequencies, from between one and two light years from Earth.  AC is 4.4 ly away, and the devices surely won’t be able to transmit two million watts ((4.4^2)*(100,000)) = 1,936,000, presuming extinction happens at one ly, and considering the law of inverse squares.



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12 04 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Oh these people already know there are aliens. Aliens from other planets have been here for years watching us. This is just another gimme program for fruit loop billionaires to profit from, and the ignorance of technology is what they use to get Billion Dollar Boondoggles from Uncle Sham to enrich themselves.

12 04 2016

Of course another option is to have “communications arrays” a la Star Trek Voyager so that the satellites would only have to transmit a signal as far as the next booster. You could chain any number of them.

12 04 2016

The more relay boosters, the more likely it is that one will fail, which, in the matter of a setup like this, is like one Christmas light failing in a million long relay.

13 04 2016
Joshua Sinistar

This assumes aliens are interested in communicating. If you were a superintelligent alien who could travel amongst the stars, would you waste your time talking to fruit loops like Zuckerberg’s famous pig MYSPACE 2.0? Or how about that wheelchair man who has jumped his tracks and now spends all his time with paranoid fantasies of HAL 9000/SKYNETs and Alien Invasions? Isn’t it amazing how Alien Invaders from Outer Space get their knickers into a twist, but Alien Invaders from Yo Queira Taco Hell is just not on their radar? Is it willful blindness or just which side their butt is buttered on? Oh the Butterballs just roll on, a slippery butt just isn’t into Kate Moss. Whatever you do don’t eat Wheaties, its so girly it made Bruce Jenner into a WOMAN with Karcrashian problems. Have some Frosted Lucky Charms instead – its Magically Delicious. Five pounds of Sugar with Marshmellows, to give you enough quick energy to avoid Modern Problems.

13 04 2016
Alex the Goon

Why wouldn’t they be interested in communicating? As the dominant superintelligence here, we’re always trying to communicate with the proto-hominids of our own world. It probably gives some a godlike feeling; but when I try it, I only feel dirty.

13 04 2016
Hard Right

I’d rather talk to a dog or a cat. At least they look at you like they understand.

16 04 2016
Witch PHD

As long as I get probed, with a like from the Zuck

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