Equal Pay Day

12 04 2016


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Me, October 25, 2014:

The gender pay gap, which, controlling for everything, does not exist.  The only reason there is a gender pay gap without controlling for any variables is that women tend to have careers that have lower wage-salary equilibria than men.  Want to know what this is all a run-up to?  It’s all political skid-greasing for a scheme called comparable worth.

Boston Globe, today:

On Equal Pay Day: The state of the gender wage gap in Massachusetts


Earlier this year, the Massachusetts state Senate unanimously passed a pay equity bill prohibiting employers from seeking job candidates’ salary histories and they established a definition for “comparable work” to ensure that similar jobs have more equal pay.

Me, also on October 25, 2014:

At the beginning of last year, we found out that, while the national overall gender pay gap is 77 cents, the gap between black women and white men is 64 cents. Therefore, a lot of the gender pay gap is really a disguised white-black race gap. In other words, compare white men to white women and black men to black women, and the intraracial gender pay gaps would be a lot more narrow.

WaPo, today:

Sure, Equal Pay Day is about what’s in women’s paychecks. It’s also about fairness.


Women earn only 79 percent of what men make in comparable jobs. And the numbers are more striking when you consider that African American women make only 60 cents and Latinas make only 55 cents compared to white men.





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12 04 2016
12 04 2016
Rev. Right

The 19th amendment guaranteed the ruination of everything.

13 04 2016
Hard Right

14 04 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Maybe we can raise the Minimum Wage to $30? Then we will have parity as both sexes can earn the same. $0 the obvious result of Centralized Planning done by people who have no Math Skills.

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