Smart Enough to Know Better

12 04 2016



SLMPD implements recruiting plan to combat monthly departing officers

It’s being called a crisis. The Saint Louis Metropolitan Police Department is losing officers at an alarming rate.

Police are now working to fight crime and recruit at the same time that they see as many as six officers leaving each month.

I knew that they were having an attrition problem, and that the local media were largely hushing it up, but I didn’t know it was that bad.

The police chief Sam Dotson and attorney general Chris Koster have been going on recruitment trips at Metro High school, the chief’s alma mater. It’s kind of like a job fair and the goal is to create a pipeline from the high school that would eventually lead to serving the community at the police department.

It being the chief’s alma mater notwithstanding, he’s talking to students who are smart enough to know that they should stay away from that line of work, especially in that particular jurisdiction.

Making his force more diverse is a top priority for Dotson.

Arguing over how to drain the swamp when you’re up to your ass in gators.

St. Louis City’s problem in terms of recruiting more diverse black cops is similar to Ferguson’s. While St. Louis pays better than Ferguson, though not as much as, say, Chesterfield or Ladue, St. Louis is even more dangerous than Ferguson, and black people who want to be cops can get on anywhere, thanks to black skin privilege and affirmative action. The SLPD would have to raise its pay drastically, (incidentally, part of the DOJ consent decree with Ferguson is that it does exactly that), but it’s not as if the St. Louis City budget has very much wiggle room.



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