Doggy Nose, Meet Doggy Turds

13 04 2016

San Diego

About two weeks ago, AR had a thread that piggybacked off a fairly well circulated story about the very rich emigrating from France due to problems with the practitioners of that well known religion of piece.  I didn’t comment on that thread or any other thread AR posted on that day, at least not on that day, because I wanted to give myself a break as a birthday present to myself.  As it turns out, I didn’t need to comment on that thread, because, as you can see, many others said what I would have, that most of these rich bastards disproportionately helped create the problems they are now running away from and leaving for France’s non-rich to deal with.  If I had any sort of say over the situation, I’d make them stay and sleep in the beds they made.

I have sort of the same reaction to this story.

These “panicked elites” and the news media and popular culture and entertainment media they own never had any use for survivalists/ism in the past, except to mock, make fun of and pathologize them/it, and that’s just icing on the cake to the fact that these “panicked elites” are most responsible for creating the problems they now want to build expensive underground bunkers designed by a suburban San Diego based firm to hide from once the problems they created blow up in everyone else’s faces.

Again, if I had my way, I’d rub these dogs’ noses in the shit piles they made.



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13 04 2016
David In TN

Several years ago at the late Lawrence Auster’s VFR blog, someone commented about several affluent Los Angeles-based high profile people who were “immigration enthusiasts” moving away from the Los Angeles area when things reached a critical mass. Michael Medved was an example.

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