WWT and NBA vs NC

14 04 2016

North Carolina

North Carolina’s “controversial” (i.e. common sense and scientifically correct) law is not anti-LGBT, it’s anti-T.

It’s just that, like I said earlier in this space, when it comes to the Grand Acronym, all the letters have signed a mutual defense treaty with each other, so that when any one letter comes under attack, all the other letters have to come to its defense as if the attack was on them specifically.  Furthermore, the various constituent parts of the Democrat-left coalition of the fringes have the same sort of informal mutual defense treaty, so the bigger wheels in the coalition are also getting ready to invade North Carolina.  To beat all, even RINOs are getting in on the fun:  Mark Kirk was one of several Senators to write a letter to NBA commissioner Adam Silver to ask him to move the NBA All-Star Game out of Charlotte in 2017.

The Democrat-left wants us to hate the 1%, but they are dancing to the tune of the 0.1%.



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14 04 2016
Hard Right

15 04 2016

So why can’t we just live and let live? Bathroom law opponents “are crusading against a tiny minority that poses no real threat,” Jillian T. Weiss, a transgender rights lawyer and activist, wrote in Wednesday’s USA Today. In a way, she’s correct: Demonizing transgender people is unfair in any light. But Weiss also misses the bigger picture behind the bathroom brouhaha. It’s not a fight against people. It’s a fight about reality, and whether the government can dictate a certain version of it. Ultimately, it’s a fight about freedom of thought.


That misses the points:

1. If Ts are such a “tiny minority,” (and that’s the truth), then why is the whole Democrat-left coalition so anxious to defend them?

2. What is this whole World War T a look squirrel diversion from? Is the Democrat-left colossus making so much noise over a triviality to distract from the fact that Goldman Sachs et al have bought off their whole party, to the point where one of their own Presidential candidates who points that out is technically not an elected Democrat in his current office?

17 04 2016
Hard Right

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