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15 04 2016


Michael Brown died because he wasn’t able to get a call center job with a firm that is heavily dependent on Federal contracts.



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15 04 2016

Since Trump is not going to be president, whether the GOP nominates him or not, what would be really interesting to hear from guys like you, Countenance, is what your next brilliant move to advance the “nationalist” agenda is going to be once we’re saddled with Hillary in the White House and leftist control of both houses of Congress and the Supreme Court, with no end in sight, an immigration plan even worse than Gang of Eight finally enacted, and a draconian “social justice” agenda forced on the country from coast to coast, in every facet of life. I mean, yeah, great, you will have slain the evil GOPe dragon – but then what? What’s your next act?

I think what may be relevant here is a saying about what movements eventually turn into.

16 04 2016

If that is what happens, then we’re back to where we were as late as June 15, 2015, doing our internet preening about #NRx and Dark Enlightenment.

My worry is actually different: Many of us are placing way too lofty expectations on Trump, making him out to be something he’s not, or not quite, so that when he actually becomes President, he won’t be able to do what some of us think he can or will. The main reason why there will be such a disconnect is that Trump is having to pursue the American head of state position in a democratically republican system, seeking votes first in a political party that is fundamentally anti-nationalist and then in general.

16 04 2016
Alex the Goon

Win or lose, Trump’s seeking the presidency is the first step to creating a nationalist party. Anything else he can actually accomplish in office is just gravy.

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