Sunday Wrap-Up

17 04 2016


* Attention, Steve McQueen fans.

The building today. Admittedly, it needs work; the post-Southwest Bank banks have sorta skimped on maintenance.

If you remember WGNU, in the Chuck Norman days, its talk shows had a regular caller who was one of the three robbers.

* I should have been so there, except I didn’t go home this weekend.

* If you’re going to get shot, getting shot very close to a major hospital ER is a good place to be shot.

All these “teens” just congregated together and out of the blue, shots rang out?  WRPT, in full effect.

* We’re off to a bad start, that’s the bad news.  The good news is that it’s no worse than last year.

* Another hint to your AFFH future.

* Yeah, I really buy their 3.0 GPAs.  Past experience, and all that.  And for the fact that Floyd Irons’s son is now coaching the team.  But, even if it is legit, it’s not hard to get a B average at Vashon.

* He was sorta right.


* Trump, FTW.

* Amnesty by way of tolerating identity theft.

* This may seem like an odd category to plop this story.  But if you read the story carefully, you’ll understand the implications of its political predication.


* It’s like I’ve been saying:  We don’t need to worry about Obama pulling any funny business to stick around as President after January 20, because he wants what can only come to him after he’s President.  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

* Au contraire, Madam Rodham.  I know that if you had your way, you wouldn’t have as much as one woman in your cabinet.

* In which she admits it’s all about fashion accessories and virtue signaling.


* Here’s the part where I’m supposed to say that we’re supposed to be on the lookout for cultural appropriation.

Except I won’t, because Dolly Parton, not Florida Georgia Line.  Dolly Parton was so popular at the height of her singing years that one of her songs that is more obscure and largely forgotten now was not only a number one song on the country charts, obviously, but it hit number three on the POP charts.  And this was in 1978, when its pop chart competition was all the disco records.

I’m sure these Ugandans already know by now what happens when you play one of these songs backwards.

* Well, yeah, but diversity is more important.  Otherwise, Holocaust.


* I understand many of you in the northeast are about to experience a summer long concert of the Cicada Philharmonic Orchestra.  A symphonic group that entertained St. Louis quite noisily during the Fergaza Strip excitement.

* A solar eclipse, as you’ve never seen it before.



One response

17 04 2016
Alex the Goon

Tolerating ID theft: I know a Border Patrol agent who was told to his face by a US Atty (West of the Rockies) that she would not be filing any charges against a Dominican they caught working with a stolen Puerto Rican’s identity. No deportation, no fraud, no nothing. Her reason: “He’s poor. How else is he going to support his family?”
That’s a bigger reason than the bankruptcy, to cut P.R. loose — too many Other spics steal their IDs, and… really, who can legitimately eyeball one and swear that “You ain’t PR, you’re a different kind of spic.”
Obumbo leaving office: Just wait til you see how many cameos he’ll get in TV and movies. Probably some backup ooks on rap albums too. (We’d never know about those except from the media fellation and promotion.)
Cultural appropriation in Uganda: What? That they’re wearing textiles instead of leaves and coconuts?

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