Notice Something?

18 04 2016

Washington, D.C.

Compare the names of the “with Trump” and “against Trump” people.

I asked you if you noticed something, but I keep forgetting that we’re not allowed to notice things.  Oy.

Also, Trump needs to use the open letter against him as campaign literature.  These failures and universally hated cretins have just handed him about $10 million of free advertising.  Now let’s see if Corey L. and Paul Manafort can figure that out.



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18 04 2016

The Jews hate Trump because Trump will not slavishly submit to their will. All the reasons and arguments put forth by the anti-Trumps are all bullshit. Jews will tell us anything in order to maintain their power of us stupid goyim. I don’t know about you, but to me, these people are showing just how sick and mentally and emotionally disturbed they are.

18 04 2016

And they, at least neoconservative Jews, hate him, in spite of the fact that his daughter married a Jewish man and converted to Judaism herself, and Trump himself, while not as pro-Israel as the average Republican national figure, is still pro-Israel, and significantly so by international standards.

19 04 2016
mark t

The only name on that list to surprise me is Daniel Pipes. I thought he was more of a realist than to sign onto this kind of crusade.

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