More In-Kind Contributions For Trump

19 04 2016

Indio, California

Nipsey Hustle.  Is that like a thing?

Between the neocons who openly declare they won’t help him (BRIAR PATCH~!!!!!1) and the black thug rappers who want to kill him, I can’t understand why Trump already doesn’t have an insurmountable lead over fill in the blank Democrat.



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19 04 2016

Same here. It’s seems like he should have it sealed up by now, but there’s something rather strange going on with the delegate pool.

19 04 2016

That’s its own scandal, but even in raw votes and margins, I think he should be doing even better than he has. And he should be so far ahead of either HRC or Bern in fall polling that it should be over.

19 04 2016

they keep changing the rules to the delegate count, and I think he might be right about it being rigged

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