Andy Blunt and Co Might Not Be Able to Paper Over This

20 04 2016

Columbia; Jefferson City

Big news rocking the capital today:  E-mails and memos are starting to leak out showing that the Mizzou protests back in November were this close and on the verge of becoming full blown black and anti-white race riots.

Developing hot, dot dot dot.



4 responses

20 04 2016

what does this mean for mizzou? more budget cuts?

20 04 2016

I bet it results in Republicans in the General Assembly getting pissed off enough to resist Andy Blunt and Co’s bribery and go ahead and let loose of a 2017 budget with fewer goodies for Mizzou.

20 04 2016
Not So Safely Ensconced in Chicago.

Start cutting out the welfare and as well the affirmative action, or whatever they are calling it these days.

20 04 2016
Hard Right

I’m not buying it.

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